Surrounded by Ag – and Pollinators!

Four years ago we moved bees from Kirkwood, Missouri – the heart of the St. Louis suburbs – to our new home in rural Lincoln County. We live in a development that was cut out of farmland in 1999. Its 33 properties range from two-and-a-half to five acres, and perhaps 20 are occupied. The tiny [...]

Now available at Seven Stones Weingarten …

                  We are very excited to report that Sweet Harvest Honey is now on sale (and on the menu!) at Seven Stones Winegarten in New Melle, Missouri. Diane and I met proprietors Jim and Kelley Winistoerfer quite by accident about a month ago. I answered a Craigslist [...]

How Do Bees Survive the Winter?

How Do Bees Survive the Winter? People ask us every year at this time, "What do your bees do in the winter? Do they hibernate?" They actually remain quite active, and you will see them out and about on days when temperatures approach 50°F. In fact, the honeybee is the only type of bee or wasp that remains [...]